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We Are Located in Shelton, Connecticut and Have Three Escape Rooms AND...

Coming Soon - An Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Mystery and a Murder Mystery Dinner Event

Fancy Antique Room


Family and friends of Thaddeus Grey have gathered at his ancestral manor home for an evening dinner party. But in the morning, after a night of fun, Thaddeus discovers that his prize Faberge Egg and the family jewels it was filled with have disappeared! Your team of detectives have been asked to determine who stole the priceless treasure and recover it at all costs. Was it the butler? The eccentric son-in-law? The estranged uncle? The disgruntled maid? You have one hour before the Feds arrive and muck up the crime scene! Get crackin!!!

  • An adventure whodunit in the spirit of the classic game Clue

  • Available for groups from 4 to18 people – great for parties and company team-building events

  • Minimal frightening elements and suitable for ages 9 and up


It has been 40 years since anyone set foot in Grey Manor. The last owner of the house Dorian Grey, disappeared never to be heard from again. Rumor has it that he was murdered by his maid Matilda while she was in a rage. Everyone who has entered the house since that time has reported hearing strange ghostly noises and violent insane feelings as though they were possessed. Some of the past visitors have even gone missing like Dorian. Now your team has entered the house to get to the bottom of what is really going on – and hopefully make it out alive!

  • A mystery adventure with a more mature theme and story inspired by the classic tale of Dorian Grey

  • Available for groups from 3 to12 people

  • Some frightening story elements

  • Suitable for ages 12 and up

Mystery of the Manor

Neighbors of Grey Manor have been complaining for months about strange lights, power surges and outages, and loud unearthly howls coming from the Manor House. Until recently though the authorities could do nothing about it. Now, your team of detectives have a short window to search scientist Cornelius Grey’s office where we believe the noise is coming from. He seems to have set up a lab there but so far, no one knows how to get in. Search the office, get into the lab, and find out what is going on! Is there something sinister afoot? We need you to solve the Mystery of the Manor fast!

  • A mystery adventure with a sharp twist and unexpected ending

  • Available for groups from 2 to 8 people

  • Some mildly frightening story elements

  • Suitable for ages 10 and up

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